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Using the Holocaust to Bludgeon America

A book edited by U. Mass.–Amherst Prof. Paul Hollander, Understanding Anti-Americanism: Its Origins and Impact At Home and Abroad, merits attention — in particular chapter 14, which demonstrates how the left, in the academy and elsewhere, attempts indirectly to equate the U.S. with Nazi Germany.

Sandra Stotsky wrote this chapter, titled “Moral Equivalence in Education: The Use of the Holocaust in Discrediting American Society.” She identifies an organization that has been the main perpetrator of this tactic, Facing History and Ourselves. FHAO has a password-protected website and runs workshops for middle-school teachers — no doubt with the blessing of many education programs on campuses. Originated by a teacher in the 1970s, it has been co-opted by leftists and is funded, in part, by Steven Spielberg and even the Goldman Sachs Foundation.


Stotsky cites Deborah Lipstadt, writing in the March 1995 New Republic, who pointed out that “no teacher using [FHAO] material can help but draw the historically fallacious parallel between Weimar Germany and contemporary America.”


In short, the left has attempted to co-opt the Holocaust to further its own agenda, while suppressing the facts about the Hitler-Stalin Pact.


Writer Jack Kemp comments further in an email, “the left has only been interested in using the story of the Holocaust as a basis for moral equivalent distortion. It vilifies Americans as Nazis, based on nothing more then its own blind hatred, rage and delusional fantasies.”