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UW Pays a Price for its Diversity Obsession

Like most other “flagship” schools, the University of Wisconsin (Madison) has been gripped by the diversity obsession. A few years ago, an administrator whipped up a mob of students who were sure they had a grievance when Roger Clegg spoke in Madison about his organization’s findings on the heavy racial preferences UW employed to be more “diverse.” UW economics professor Lee Hansen has written for the Pope Center on the administration’s not-so-subtle pressure on the faculty to eliminate the stain of unequal academic results between groups.

Now we read in this College Fix story that rowdy groups of students have been blocking traffic and interrupting the campus in other ways. Under the “BlackLivesMatter” mantra, the students (if that’s the right word) are interfering with everyone else because they want school officials to cave in to a number of demands for more resources to be “invested” in initiatives led by the Black community. And how has the UW administration responded? Just as you’d expect: “In a Jan. 30 campuswide email, Chancellor Rebecca Blank promised to increase recruitment and retention efforts for students of color and to launch a diversity training and education program for students and faculty.”

It has come to the point where any feeble excuse suffices to mau-mau academic “leaders.”

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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