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V. Tech: Another Sort of Surge

The number of mentally ill students is increasing.  From   

“The number of people coming to colleges who’ve had psychiatric treatment has increased tremendously,” said Dr. Gerald Kay, a psychiatry professor at Wright State University and chair of the American Psychiatric Association committee on college mental health. …
Reasons for the surge include the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gives mentally ill students the right to be at college, and increasingly sophisticated medications which enable them to function better than in the past. Recent surveys and studies underscore the scope of the increase.
A survey last year by the American College Health Association found that 8.5 percent of students had seriously considered suicide, and 15 percent were diagnosed for depression, up from 10 percent in 2000. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America found that 13 percent of students at major universities and 25 percent at liberal arts colleges are using campus mental health services.

Tip: Wretchard, who adds that maybe Eugene Volkh is merely adapting to the changing times when he argues that qualified professors should not be prevented from carrying weapons to school.