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Va Tech, the British Navy, and the War on Terror: Brought Low by Bureaucracy

In an insightful piece at American Thinker, J.R. Dunn skewers these three bureaucratic organizations institutions for failing to rise to challenges concerning their basic missions:

The British Navy…was taken by surprise and humiliated by a militia in speedboats. Virginia Tech proved itself…unable to provide the minimal level of security necessary for the safety of its faculty and student body. The war on terror, worst of all, is hobbled by bureaucratic strictures and habits of mind.

What these problems have in common – apart from being disasters of various magnitudes – is that they are all bureaucratic in nature. The rules and habits by which each of the organizations operate came in conflict with events, and rather than adapting or reacting or even hollering for help, each of the organizations involved fell apart.

What is needed? A “return to the American taproot, the spirit of individualism in the service of community.”

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