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Weep, at UK Student’s Testimony

Lockstep dictating of what can be taught about jihadism in Britain is going from bad to very much worse. Note particularly, in Melanie Phillips’s broader treatment of the issue, the following student’s assessment:

We have also been told to read only books which they approve (unofficially in one of the seminars), something I found ominous. Passing this module is key to my obtaining a degree, and I will shortly find myself in the unpleasant situation [in an exam] of having to write what I know they want to read, rather than what I actually think … moreover I am certain that should I use any sources which they regard as unacceptable (although they have included a token number of these on their reading list), my work will almost certainly be marked more critically than that of someone who simply agrees with their beliefs.

It’s debatable which academic establishment in the West is most beyond the pale when it comes to a healthy sense of survival. But the UK, depressingly, is in line for first place.


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