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Why the Feds Went Crazy on Sexual Harassment

For more than a year now, the Education Department has been going crazy with demands that colleges and universities under their thumb (that is, all except for the miniscule number that retain their independence by foregoing all federal money) obey draconian rules regarding sexual harassment or assault cases. What prompted the frenzy?

Hans Bader of Competitive Enterprise Institute argues in this piece that it was brought about by a slanted, misleading story on National Public Radio. Bader writes, “It now appears that the Education Department’s rules micromanaging college discipline were precipitated by a deceptive NPR report about the University of Wisconsin’s purported mishandling of a sexual assault claim.” More fishy still, the complainant in the UW case, Laura Dunn, is now on the White House Task Force on Sexual Assault.

We know how the left constantly manufactures “issues” which its champions in Congress and the bureaucracy can then use to influence voters and augment government power. Here we have another good example. Due process of law has been hastily shoved aside so that Democrats could benefit from another overblown grievance that helps them with one of their core voting blocks.

George Leef — George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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