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Why Seinfeld Won’t Play College Campuses

Can comedians achieve where common sense has failed? As we read here, Jerry Seinfeld, one of the leading funny men in the modern era, has stated he will not play college campuses to avoid conflict with politically correct students.


Not only are students in America victims of radical identity group politics, they can’t take a joke.  The latest trend in the world of academia is to issue “trigger warnings” to alert the new generation of students that they could suffer psychologically from a book, film, TV show – or indeed a comedian who may offend their sensitivities to the protected groups: women, gays, blacks, American Indians, even animals.


Colleges have long ago abandoned free speech and the airing of variant viewpoints. Students are no longer attending institutions of higher education. Instead young people,  from kindergarten through college, are unwittingly drawn into a cult they cannot escape. If one should dare break from the PC protocol, they are forced back into compliance or ejected from the group, like the morlocks in the Time Machine by HG Wells.

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