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Will on NCAA Skullduggery

George Will writes on Bill Thomas’ marvelous inquiry into the tax-exempt status of College football.  

Before Miami police quelled the recent riot involving more than 100 University of Miami and Florida International University football players in the Orange Bowl, fighting erupted among fans in the stands. In two masterpieces of misdirected anxiety, the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, to which Miami belongs, said the rioting “has no place in college football” and the commissioner of FIU’s Sun Belt Conference said “there is no place in higher education for the type of conduct exhibited.”
But the question really raised by the barbaric behavior, and by nonviolent but nonetheless lurid behavior by some universities, is: What is the place of high-stakes football in higher education?

 Exactly. What is the answer?
A Distraction?
A Profound Waste of Money?
Go Tigers!


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