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W&M Banishes Feathers

The College of William and Mary will remove two feathers from its athletic logo in response to an NCAA ruling that the symbol – associated with native Americans – could create an “environment that was hostile and abusive”(read the letter here). Removing two feathers from the logo is evidently all that’s required here to banish any thoughts of wampum.
A hilarious comment was posted on the topic at Inside Higher Education:

If they are removing the feathers so as not to insult, they might want to rename the whole college given King William III’s conduct towards the Irish.

After all, it’s July 1st Orange Order marches commemorating William’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 that continue to excite sectarian ferment in Ireland. When you hear “William and Mary” don’t think “firewater”, think “Ian Paisley.” Ridiculous.
Oh, and Admire King William in a Belfast Loyalist mural.


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