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Yale & China

In writing about the Yale Taliban issue again today, this time through the eyes of a 9/11 victim’s family, there’s this:

Yale officials now have other concerns. Yesterday it was announced that China’s President Hu Jintao will deliver a major address on campus on April 21. Mr. Levin has sent out an email saying the Chinese leader’s visit “affirms the value the Chinese place on their longstanding relationship with Yale. In recent years, Yale has been the most active of all American universities in establishing student exchanges and research collaborations with China.”

Yale’s enormous commitment to China is likely to dominate discussion on campus in the coming weeks. But Mrs. Bailey and Ms. Pothier believe the university is making a long-term mistake by trying to sweep the Taliban Man issue under a rug by ignoring their complaints and that of all others.
After all, they point out that it would just take one more Tiananmen Square massacre in China to leave Yale with an bigger embarrassment than even the Taliban Man has been. “Yale owes it to both itself and the world outside its ivory towers to clarify where it stands on moral questions,” Ms. Pothier says.

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