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Before You Take That Drink . . .

You might want to think about what’s in it.

In the headlines over the weekend was a what looks like a mass drugging of mostly female students at a party held by students of Central Washington University. Police were tipped off and arrived to find more than a dozen overdosed students, many passed out on the ground. Authorities suspect foul play:

Police said it appeared that none of the people who overdosed meant to get high or unconscious, because none had more than one or two drinks.

“We don’t believe this was just a result of heavy drinking,” Ferguson said.

“We don’t know for certain [what drug was used]. We’ve drawn blood at the hospital,” Ferguson said. “We’re suspecting it’s some type of roofie or some type of ecstasy, but that’s yet to be known.”

“Roofie” is the street name for flunitrazepam, a sedative commonly referred to as the “date rape” drug.

Some of the students who attended the party said they, too, believed that the drug involved was roofies.

Chris Unger, a Central Washington University freshman, told KOMO that people started falling unconscious soon after he arrived at the party.

According to news reports, most students at the party were freshmen.

What’s interesting to me about this story is that, while we can easily see how compromised students — particularly young women — are when they are secretly drugged (as they apparently were in this case), it is equally true that alcohol, by itself, can impair judgment, and can compromise a girl’s ability to “say no.”

Every weekend, at nearly every campus in the country, there are lots of students who drink too much. Some of them pass out. Others wake up to find they regret their choices of the night before. Some even get into dangerous sexual situations. I suspect that the prominent role of alcohol in college social life is one reason that, statistically, more women than men regret their sexual experiences in college.

When young people leave for college, if they aren’t smart about drinking — how, when, and where they do it — they will get into trouble. The consequences are often sad. And it doesn’t take drugs to to make bad things happen. It simply takes a little peer pressure, some booze, and some impaired judgment.

Parents of college students should know that they are sending their kids off to a war zone, both ideologically and socially. Better make sure your kids are prudent and prepared.

I wish freshman college orientations focused more on instilling fear in students about dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption. Typically, they are too busy indoctrinating students with radical sexual agendas and diversity doctrines forged by the precepts of the Left’s multiculturalist religion.

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