Planet Gore

2015: EPA Restricts, China Booms

Detroit – EPA Chief Lisa Jackson crowed on The Daily Show (hosted by official Obama court jester, Jon Stewart) Monday about the EPA’s recent end-run around Congress to regulate CO2 emissions from vehicles under the Clean Air Act.

But even if you believe this . . . well, power grab . . . necessary to battle the looming climate Holocaust, last week’s J. D. Power projections of vehicle sales in China show just how futile this very expensive diktat is in light of overall global emissions.

The respected industry forecasting service predicted sales of passenger vehicles in China will increase more than 55 percent from 8.7 million units in 2009 to 13.55 million by 2015.

Even if you believe Jackson’s claim that EPA’s CO2 regulation will cut emissions 40 percent by that same year (it won’t), that rosy scenario would be swallowed up by China alone, never mind India, Brazil, and other emerging economies.

Indeed, Xu Changming, a research director for the Chinese government, told a conference in Beijing that the China market could eventually grow to 30 million in annual auto sales — almost double the high of 17 million for U.S sales. And the vast majority of those vehicles will burn gas.

The Obama administration’s edicts aren’t about controlling climate — they are about ideological control over what Americans buy.