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About Google’s Green

Questions about the morality of Google’s Green advocacy are certainly worth asking. As I indicated here, and Business Week coquettishly hinted at in its obscurely titled piece “Google’s New Role: Venture Capitalist,” it seems as if Google’s longtime investor pals and Google itself have a stake in your tax dollars being directed toward the companies in which they have invested, quite obviously in anticipation of mandates and subsidies — and the taxes to pay for them.

As interesting as Google’s selective holiday-making is, it seems to me that the bigger story was Al Gore’s revelations during a 60 Minutes interview this weekend: he and others are funneling $300 million into a massive PR campaign to promote climate alarmism – a tax-exempt effort which also aims to persuade Congress to adopt mandatory “eco-friendly measures,” which would have the salutary effect of making Gore and Google’s mutual Silicon Valley investor friends very rich, as I have explained here.

It’s the Ken Lay/T. Boone Pickens model — of putting one’s mouth where one’s money is. There’s nothing particularly evil about such self-seeking — except when it is sold as altruistic virtue. As is the case with all such “responsible” companies who’ve decided that a sure thing beats competition, and now reap praise for helping scare you into accepting an agenda you otherwise never would — absent the cries of urgency and climate crisis.

Now, again, I ask: who gave Al Gore $300 million to push this agenda?

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