Planet Gore

Al brings the RNCT home.

Planet Gore is nothin if not timely.

After jetting home to Nashville from the Big Apple, Al Gore appeared in Orlando via satellite to plump for a revenue-neutral carbon tax, the CBC News reported this afternoon.

The former vice-president . . . urged governments to implement a “revenue-neutral” carbon tax, where taxes on employees are cut and replaced with a pollution tax. Businesses could then use the tax dollars saved on employees and invest them in environmental technologies and innovation.

Wait, Al . . . I thought the savings on the payroll tax was supposed to go to offset the pollution tax? Where’s the money to invest in new technology coming from? Are you saying that it’s not a dollar-for-dollar tax swap? That the payroll tax cuts will be steeper than the carbon tax? We’ll keep digging.

In other news north of the border, John Williamson of the Canadian Taxpayers Association weighed in on the topic in today’s Financial Post.


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