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Al Gore Still Lying about An Inconvenient Truth

This is getting quite tiresome, and as time goes on severely diminishes the man involved who says far more about himself with his snide routine than those he broadly and specifically seeks to smear. So let’s get this straight: There is an opinion of the U.K. High Court which thoroughly trashes Al Gore’s movie for “educational” purposes, finding that not one of the eleven money claims from the movie on which it sought evidence could be supported. Gore and his spokesman have ritually held that the Court “affirmed thousands of other statements in the movie” (really? name one), that the court “supported” or “found in favor of” the movie, and so on.


The U.K. High Court “found in favor of the movie” by, for example, saying Gore’s claims “arise in the context of alarmism and exaggeration in support of his political thesis,” “there is a view to the contrary, i.e. (at least) the mainstream view,” and the sea level rise claims “distinctly alarmist.” The closest the Court came to supporting the movie was to say that it was grounded in the science . . . and spends the rest of its opinion detailing how it then egregiously departs from the science. In other words, any invocation of that snippet as supporting the film is a dishonest use.


The court did not rule as Gore says; it required that an antidote be given to all children forced to watch the film, in the form of part of that “mainstream view” that Gore aggressively departs from with his “alarmism and exaggeration.”


Again: Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) was the defendant in the case brought by a father concerned about his children’s education . . . now smeared by Gore, who has a long history of smearing even his college professor Roger Revelle among many others, simply as “deniers.” HMG had every resource, opportunity, and motivation to present a defense of something it had required as educational material for children. After three days of evidence, to its extreme embarrassment, it was unable to support a single claim.


Now Gore is at it again. Listen to Phelim McAleer of Not Evil Just Wrong having his microphone turned off because he asked Gore if he disagrees with the court’s finding or wishes to respond to the specific findings of error. In dodging the question (shock!), Gore flatly lies — again — saying over and again that the court actually validated him. “The ruling was in favor of the movie, by the way. And the ruling was in favor of showing the movie in the schools.”


Well, then: post the opinion on your website. That you haven’t tends to undercut your claim. Post the opinion. Without using the word “deniers” or otherwise changing the subject. Post the opinion. Let your followers (who, as I continuously find, are shocked to read what the Court actually said) read the findings when coming to your portals for balm. Post the opinion, in full. Or at least stop lying about it.

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