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Alarm Bells Ringing

Well, on the heels of creating a new position for the unconfirmable Carol Browner to lord over Senate-confirmed cabinet officials in pursuit of the global-warming agenda, it now seems that “Science, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is reporting on its blog that John Holdren, the past president of that group and a prominent voice pressing for action to curb greenhouse gases and boost energy research, appears to be President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for science adviser.” At least this will require Senate confirmation.


I direct you to a little tome called Red Hot Lies, in which Holdren makes several appearances. First up is the back door of a “temporary nominating group” for global-warming activists established in the National Academy of Sciences, enabling otherwise unlikely members to be elected, who then forming blocking minorities keeping inconvenient scholars out. As I write in RHL (all citations for the below have been omitted):

Vocal alarmists Stephen Schneider and John Holdren, a professor at Harvard who is primarily employed by the Woods Hole Research Center (an environmental advocacy group, not to be confused with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution which is a research organization — both discussed [later in the book]) were also elected from the temporary nominating group, so we see the cadre of global warming alarmists elected to the NAS actually came in through other than the regular channels. And the process self-perpetuates.

Note the latter practice, which Holdren also embodies, of alarmists using credentials from an academic perch where they may not be all that active to push an activist agenda through other, pressure group perches where they are in fact quite busy.

[T] he vocal Holdren, who predicted in the mid-1980s that climate-related catastrophes might kill as many as one billion people before the year 2020 but now brushes away such failed catastrophism with: “That the impacts of global climate disruption may not become the dominant sources of environmental harm to humans for yet a few more decades cannot be a great consolation.” Despite his outside affiliations and activism he typically instead carries the Harvard tag, lending the institution’s academic prestige to his environmentalist advocacy. He also happens to be a longtime collaborator with none other than failed prognosticator of doom Paul Ehrlich. Typical of their doomsaying they collaborated to hold a “Cassandra Conference” in 1988 (Cassandra is the lass from Greek mythology whose prophecies were always true and always ignored).


It is no surprise that it was at the urging of the Sierra Club that Ehrlich produced his seminal work of alarmism, The Population Bomb — in which, as with today’s alarmism, the enemy was “Western society” engaging in “the rape and murder of the planet for economic gain” (recall how Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope cut his teeth at Zero Population Growth). Holdren’s name also pops up in various, largely successful efforts to elevate taxpayer funding of the global warming industry.

Holdren was also enlisted by Scientific American in its effort to smear and otherwise discredit Bjørn Lomborg (a sorry event also chronicled in the same chapter, “The Establishment Attacks”). With a Holdren nomination, the President-Elect will have made his intentions unmistakably clear. This will unleash a policy battle royale and, fortunately, likely the ultimate defeat of the alarmist agenda.


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