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Algae Webinar

For those interested in algal biofuels:

This is your opportunity to catch a Sneak Preview of Algae World 2008 at our zero cost webinar.

“Algae Biofuels: The REAL Story” will be held on 29th October at 9am (US Eastern Time), 1pm GMT, 6.30pm (India), 9pm (Singapore/Hong Kong).
This critical webinar for the Algae Biofuels industry will look beyond the hype of Algae Biofuels to answer some of the KEY Questions central to the commercial success of Algae Biofuel ventures. These questions include:
Does Algae really have a superior oil yield compared to other Biodiesel feedstock?
Can Algae need to be cultivated in fresh water?
Can Algae be cultivated and fed with water from salt water aquifers and salt water bodies?
Is Algae CO2 Neutral?
Does Algae cultivation require a lot of land?
Plus Many More . . .

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