Planet Gore

America Really Does Want the Planet Healed . . . Kinda

Chris Horner commented earlier on Andrew Revkin’s take on the Pew poll that Greg Pollowitz noted yesterday.
Tom Nelson has spotted a little revisionism over on Dot Earth:

Within hours on Jan 22, Revkin’s “completely” gets downgraded to “somewhat”

Obama Urgent on Warming, Public Cool – Dot Earth Blog –

The latest in an annual series of polls from the Pew Research Center on people’s top priorities for their elected leaders shows that America and President Obama are completely out of sync on human-caused global warming.

Environmental Issues Slide in Poll of Public’s Concerns –

A new poll suggests that Americans, preoccupied with the economy, are less worried about rising global temperatures than they were a year ago but remain concerned with solving the nation’s energy problems.

The findings are somewhat at odds with President Obama


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