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Back Doors, Weird Science

Just as I predicted in a book out just in the nick of time, the “back door” entrance to the National Academy of Sciences is bearing very sour fruit, affirming that the whistle should have been blown on this degradation of standards before it got out of hand and – as it is apparently about to – resulted in serious policy consequences after its beneficiaries entered positions of governmental responsibility riding their scientific laurels of questionable heritage.


In addition to the back-door man John Holdren, noted below, Greenwire reports that

Barack Obama is expected to name a professor of marine ecology tomorrow as the next head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, according to sources close to the nominee. The NOAA pick, Jane Lubchenco, is a conservationist who has focused much of her research on climate change, ecosystems and marine reserves. The announcement is expected at a press conference tomorrow in Chicago, where Obama will introduce other key advisers on his “science team.”

Again from Red Hot Lies — a timelier Christmas gift I cannot imagine – we see that:

Others entering through this [NAS back door] route include Gore advisor and the world’s most renowned global warming alarmist, the astronomer Jim Hansen, and Jane Lubchenco—a key driver in the regulate-in-the-name-of-climate-change effort by Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, discussed below. Lubchenco’s activism is the subject of fawning profiles by the likes of the leftwing Mother Jones magazine.


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