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Barrasso to EPA: Hands Off the Emissions

According to this story over at the Daily Caller, US Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) has a pretty radical idea – that Congress should have the power to decide what regulatory agencies do or don’t do! What, does he think that’s a Constitutional requirement or something?

Barrasso’s action comes in the form of a bill that would “pre-empt” any regulatory action by the EPA to impose Cap and Trade through existing law. The Caller has the details:

“Barrasso’s bill stops this backdoor attempt to enact Obama’s cap-and-trade agenda through EPA and the rest of the federal bureaucracy,” said Barrasso spokesperson Emily Lawrimore. “The Barrasso bill restates and reaffirms the will of Congress as the sole authority over federal climate change policy.”

The bill, however, will go beyond just blocking the EPA. It will stop all federal agencies from implementing new energy taxes that could have a negative effect on employment and energy costs

That’s going to leave a mark. I can practically hear the intemperate outbursts from Campus Progress already. Yet it’s strange that you need a bill to do this – one would think the Constitution could be enough, or a Court order would work. Still, it’ll make for some juicy political theatre, which is why it will probably raise Barrasso’s stock as a Senator. I’m grabbing popcorn.


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