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BBC Headline Rhetoric, Meet EU Reality

I have had evidence presented to me which purports to contradict my effort to reveal Europe’s trepidation over committing economic hari-kiri through Kyoto-imosed carbon cuts. Apparently, the BBC reports: “UK seeking CO2 trading increase” (emphasis mine). See? Carbon trading is a good thing.


The headline adorns a piece by one Roger Harrabin who – among other typical missteps – once circulated an internal memo among his peers supporting Al Gore’s insights and instructing them on how to spin the courtroom defeat of An Inconvenient Truth as a victory. So his claims deserve a closer look.


Surprise! Harrabin actually includes right at the top of his piece the inconvenient fact that the headline is trying to obscure. Europe can’t meet its global warming tough talk with action – reducing CO2 emissions — so it will need to continue and indeed accelerate the practice of buying its “reduction” with wealth transfers to countries that haven’t gone the Kyoto route.


Hey, that ought to stimulate the economy (someone’s, anyway).


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