Planet Gore

The Beast Humbled

How do you immobilize the President of the United States? Put diesel fuel in his tank.

One of the eight-ton, armor-plated Caddy limos — Secret Service codename, “The Beast” –  in our green president’s fleet had to be towed in Israel this week after the vehicle was mistakenly filled with diesel fuel. While the sequester-panicked president’s $300,000-per-vehicle fleet is worthy of ridicule (“It’s embarrassing, our entourage. My wife, Michelle, teases me mercilessly,” Obama told his Israeli host), Americans can feel his pain. Who hasn’t accidentally pulled up to the wrong pump and filled their gas-powered steed with diesel fuel or E85 (15 percent ethanol) fuel? In Israel — where gas is pushing $6 a gallon — mileage-efficient diesel is widely available. More choice, more confusion.

Obama has been scaremongering of late that his generals say oil is a natural-security threat. But now we know the real security threat — the flunkies that put the wrong petroleum product in his car. Now the whole world knows The Beast’s big V-8 can be compromised . . . by diesel.


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