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Biden Recovery Tour: Making Stuff Up in Toledo

The White House’s “Recovery Summer” tour is beginning to resemble a jalopy wheezing from town to town, consuming whatever fuel will keep it going. Throw in Veep Biden, and it is a full-blown farce.

Biden dove into Toledo, Ohio, on Monday amid evidence of a stalled economy to once again boast to yet another UAW audience of the president’s “transformed U.S. auto industry.” A month ago, Biden came to Midland, Michigan, to advertise a subsidized green-battery plant as our auto-jobs future. But America.wants to see evidence of jobs today. So Obama did an encore in Detroit, proclaiming that “this industry is growing stronger. It’s manufacturing the fuel-efficient cars and trucks that will carry us toward an energy independent future.”

Trouble is, the jobs Detroit is creating aren’t green. As Americans flock back to SUVs (now 50 percent of the market again), the Big Three are thriving as customers buy their bread and butter. The White House Dynamic Duo wants to brag about added assembly-line shifts — so they have visited the Cherokee plant, Chicago’s Ford Explorer SUV plant, and now Toledo’s Jeep Wrangler plant. All three are humming with low-mpg SUV production.

Biden didn’t even bother to talk green at the Wrangler plant Monday — which was just as well, given his commute from Indiana involved a gas-guzzling Boeing 747. Bounding on stage at Toledo Assembly just south of the Michigan border, Biden just made stuff up.

“There was a sense in that (previous) administration that we had to move over and make room for China,” he fibbed. “That we had to make room for other nations.” It’s remarkable how quickly this administration can go from We-Are-The-World-speak to xenophobia.

Bring in the clowns! It’s the “Recovery Summer” tour. Just don’t expect the lyrics to make sense.

Henry Payne — Henry Payne is the auto critic for the Detroit News.

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