Planet Gore

Blame Climate Change

Or climate-change policies, at any rate. AFP:

Coffee producers say they are getting hammered by global warming, with higher temperatures forcing growers to move to prized higher ground, putting the cash crop at risk.

“There is already evidence of important changes,” said Nestor Osorio, head of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), which represents 77 countries that export or import the beans.

“In the last 25 years the temperature has risen half a degree in coffee producing countries, five times more than in the 25 years before,” he said.

But later in the piece, you get to what’s really causing the issue:

But producers meeting in Guatemala this week are in a state of panic over the impact of warming on their livelihoods.

While boutique roasters often seek out highland-grown cherries for their subtle tastes, the cooler terroir comes at a premium.

And the new race to the top comes amid already increasing demands for resources between farmers and energy firms.

Land prices are going up not because of a half-degree rise in temperature over 25 years, but because it’s now policy to grow energy. “No food for oil” should be what the coffee growers are saying.


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