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The Blue-Dress Moment May Have Arrived

I am not able to fully digest this at present, catching up with the boys from days away and then up at O-Dark-Thirty for a flight to California for a talk, but check out what Anthony Watts among others have posted.

Now, none of us can attest to the validity of what has been posted on a Russian server (nor can we even be sure of how it was obtained, though it purports to be non-classified data held by a purely public agency subject to freedom of information/transparency laws). But I’m told it’s almost 61 megabytes of files, and after a few days of scrutiny appears (to the kind of people who would know) to be legitimate. And very revealing, both the data and what are represented to be comments and admissions by leading lights on Team Alarmist.

If legit, this apparently devastating series of revelations will be very hard for the media to ignore. I didn’t say impossible — they’re fully vested partners in the global warming industry, because catastrophism sells. But so does scandal, and this appears to be the makings of a very big one. Imagine this sort of news coming in the field of AIDS research. Then reflect that the taxpayer spends more on climate-related research than on the entire suite of AIDS programs, far beyond drug research.


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