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‘Blue Dress’ Update: Media Sat on Climategate Info

It turns out that the BBC has for over a month had the information constituting “Climategate” — the latest one, anyway, and one that should serve as the global-warming industry’s “Blue Dress Moment,” when the media can no longer ignore the fraud we have been detailing for years to scribblers and producers largely uninterested in pulling the curtain back on this most politically desirable and useful of all story lines.

For all that the establishment media have done in the past dozen years to enable the global-warming climate-change scam (coincidentally, it began at about the same time as the Lewinsky scandal broke) and disparage those who would challenge it, these revelations and the congressional investigations that are now being demanded will only make their plight worse.

Given how deeply invested they are — we already have seen among the posted information e-mails revealing the alarmists’ close working relationship with some of these reporters — it is unlikely they will pivot and suddenly begin exposing the long-running fraud. Both they and the global warming industry are in full damage-control mode, but the damage already seems beyond their ability to manage it. And I couldn’t imagine this fate befalling two nicer groups.

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