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A Bolt from the Blue

Planet Gore reader Bill F. offers another update from Down Under:

The death toll of the Victorian bushfires has now passed 200. Yesterday, a firefighter lost his life when a burnt-out tree fell on his vehicle.
No sooner had the fires commenced than the greenie crowd crawled out from under their rocks to proclaim the disaster a result of global warming.
Andrew Bolt, Australia’s hardest-hitting columnist, comes out swinging today in Adelaide’s Advertiser.

Here’s an excerpt:

Preaching green sermons over the dead is vile enough, of course, especially when forest experts insist that green policies on forest management helped to kill so many in the first place.

After all, not even the scientists who believe most fiercely in the theory that man is heating the world to hell are blaming the recent heatwave or the fires that followed on global warming.

Hear that even from Melbourne University’s Professor David Karoly, the State Government’s chief global warming adviser, who conceded: “It is not possible to attribute any single event to climate change.”

But there are two more reasons to reject this crowing of the warmists.

First, the planet actually hasn’t warmed for a decade, and we’ve faced even worse conditions than these before — so we should have prepared for these latest bushfires much better. Shouting “global warming” is just a distraction, or even a ruse.

Second, blaming global warming doesn’t only excuse the governments that should have learned from our past, but could mislead us into spending countless billions on a “solution” that will not spare us another such tragedy.


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