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Boxer’s Hypocrisy

Barbara Boxer has the same delicate scruple about the purloined CRU e-mails that troubles the New York Times’s Andrew “Andy” Revkin — and the same problems with consistency. David Harsanyi explores “Boxer’s Climategate hypocrisy.”

Boxer, the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the recently released e-mails, showing scientists allegedly overstating the case for climate change, should be treated as a crime.

“You call it ‘Climategate’; I call it ‘E-mail-theft-gate,’” she said during a committee meeting. “Whatever it is, the main issue is, Are we facing global warming or are we not? I’m looking at these e-mails, that, even though they were stolen, are now out in the public.” . . .

“We may well have a hearing on this, we may not. We may have a briefing for senators, we may not,” Boxer said. “Part of our looking at this will be looking at a criminal activity which could have well been coordinated.

“This is a crime,” Boxer said.

E-mail-theft-gate? I agree. But could this possibly be the same Boxer who once sponsored the The Military Whistleblower Protection Act.

The same Environment and Public Works Committee Chair Barbara Boxer who held hearings over a Environmental Protection Agency whistleblower who claimed the Bush administration had an unwillingness to address greenhouse-gas emissions.
The same Boxer who believes in whisteblowing on defense contractors and for nurses?
Many of those seem like reasonable protections. How about protecting the people who exposed potential scientific fraud funded by government?