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Cancun’s Climate Alarmists Go All Zoo Monkey

It was all fun and games at the big alarmist protest until someone starting thrown feces. The New American:

Global-warming protesters in Cancun for the United Nations COP16 climate summit poured human feces in the streets, threw eggs at police, attacked American fast-food establishments, and generally went on a rampage demanding “action” and “climate justice,” among other things.

Mexican riot police were out in force, some of them driving military trucks with machine guns attached. But unlike the summit in Copenhagen last year — where police were lambasted in the press for beating and caging out-of-control climate marauders — so far there have not been reports of impropriety or police misconduct. Estimates for the larger demonstrations in Cancun put the figure at around 1,500, however — much smaller than the crowds at the COP15.

A McDonald’s restaurant was one of the targets. It was spray painted by masked climate vandals dressed in all-black costumes. Other protesters used what was described by a German media outlet as human waste to make their point. But some of the activists, however wrong they might have been, were at least more civilized.

As usual, protestors representing all sorts of causes and organizations were present at the confab. They included anti-globalization demonstrators, communists waving flags featuring mass-murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, save-the-trees types, native American groups, and countless more. Most were upset about different aspects of the “climate” negotiations going on inside — secrecy, bullying, exclusion, bribes, and countless other problems — and were there to demand some sort of remedy. Others were simply upset with “capitalism.”

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