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CEI’s FOIAs and the DOE

Investor’s Business Daily highlights the work of our own Chris “Bloodhound” Horner:

DOE E-Mails To Wind Energy Lobbyists Cast Cloud Over Green Jobs Proposals

The Energy Department worked closely with the wind industry lobby to discredit a Spanish report that criticized wind power as a job killer, internal DOE e-mails reveal.

The e-mails obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request show how, starting last April, lobbyists at the American Wind Energy Association became alarmed that lawmakers were citing a study by Spain’s King Juan Carlos University. The study found that Spain’s massive investments in wind power cost 2.2 jobs for every “green” job created.

The study came out in early 2009 just as the wind lobby was building up its presence in Washington, hoping it could score big in an energy bill then being debated in Congress. Industry lobbyists feared the Spanish study would halt momentum for pro-wind legislation. . . .

Chris Horner, a senior fellow with CEI, is pushing further FOIA requests to get the remaining documents. He argues that the e-mail timeline indicates the Energy Department produced its study at the wind lobby’s request.

“It doesn’t seem to be the department’s idea,” Horner said. “That is clear.”

AWEA CEO Denise Bode called charges it got DOE to produce the study “absolutely false.” Yes, the association worked with the administration on the issue, she said, but argued it was just how business is done in Washington.

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