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Cheering Failure in Bonn

AP on the just concluded climate talks in Bonn:

BONN, Germany — Delegates to the first U.N. climate talks after Copenhagen have agreed to intensify their negotiations on curbing greenhouse gases before this year’s decisive ministerial conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The agreement — itself a tacit acknowledgment of the slow progress in reaching a global climate pact — followed three days of at-times rancorous discussions that nearly ground to a halt.

It was an early warning that the split between industrial countries and the developing world will likely continue characterizing the talks.

Bolivian delegate Pablo Solon said Monday he was pleased Sunday’s agreement made no mention of the Copenhagen Agreement — a political deal hastily cobbled together by President Barack Obama and a handful of other national leaders at the end of the U.N. talks in December.

“Despite continual attempts by the U.S. to make the completely unacceptable Copenhagen Accord the basis for future negotiations, I am glad to say they failed,” Solon said in a statement.

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