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The Children, and the Alarmists’ Strange Qualifications Game

I see with sadness that Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed failed to change the world since its November release. Oh well, better keep trying.


It seems the Pew Center and Nickelodeon persist in their joint effort to patently misrepresent facts and, I suggest, flagrantly lie to children, presumably in order to perpetuate the terror campaign against the little ones that I detail in Chapter 5 of Red Hot Lies.


Time magazine, meanwhile, still is asking children to complain to President Bush (h/t Marc Sheppard.) After all, why bother to keep up with the times: this was never about climate — and it certainly can’t be about President Obama (despite the fact that the meanie has still not signed Kyoto . . . you know, that thing Bush refused to sign)?

I am reminded that the alarmists constantly whine that eminent physicist Freeman Dyson and thousands of other scientists are simply unqualified (usually adding much worse things than that) to express their skepticism on climate alarmism, and yet frightened children who have been goaded into expressing their opinion are voices that the alarmists insist must be heard on this topic.


In fact, just days ago I was apprised of a teacher at Windsor High School (in Virginia, it appears) enlisting the “caring students” to file a bossy little comment on EPA’s CO2 ANPR which — as Marlo Lewis and others have detailed — would be economically devastating and require immediate emergency legislative intervention if pursued as the greens demand:

“To: Mr. Stephen Johnson


It has come to our attention that you need to:


Acknowledge that greenhouse gases are a serious threat to public health and welfare

Act immediately to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act

Set specific emissions reduction standards for power plants, big factories, vehicles and fuels


Please do your duty’s for our earth, our home and our health. Please respond.”

So let this further affirm that the requirements for attaining informed judgment and earning the qualification to speak to the issue of catastrophic man-made global warming theory distill to nothing more than: will you agree with us, and repeat what we tell you? That is the sole road to climate-policy expertise.


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