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China Shows the Way?

An article Drew Thornley recently noted in this space — “China blacks out towns to meet energy goal” — makes clear the costs of embracing the energy diet prescribed by those in the grip of global-warming fever. I and others have argued that the only way to reduce carbon absolutely, as opposed to per capita, is to restrict energy use with the result that factories will be shuttered, people will put out of work, and the general welfare will decline. 

China, being still mostly a planned economy, can act directly to do this. One wonders if the Obama adminstration and the Pelosi-led Congress wish they had that power. 

I must admit to being somewhat surprised however, that China is being led by world opinion on this issue — putting the goals of green lobbyists and international opinion ahead of the needs of their own people.

H. Sterling Burnett is a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and education institute in Dallas, Texas. While he works ...


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