Planet Gore

The Climate 10 Commandments

Add another “shalt not” to the list of proscribed climate activities.
Thou shalt not consume meat… is now added to the existing list of “shalt nots,” such as…
Thou shalt not wear cotton, nor own thine own garb…nor tumble dry thine clothes.
Thou shalt not burn the lamps of Edison.
Thou shalt not fly, yeah, even to learn to heal others.
Thou shalt not smoke.
Thou shalt not be fat. (This one will be easier if number 1 is followed.)
Thou shalt not permit your sheep to fart.
Thou shalt not “sprawl.”
Thou shalt not drive.
Thou shalt not use instant-on appliances.
But really, we’re told, solving climate change will be easy!

Ken GreenKenneth Green is a Resident Scholar studying climate and energy policy at the American Enterprise Institute. Since taking up policy analysis in 1990, Ken has authored numerous monographs; newspaper and ...