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Climate Change 0-for-3 in Presidential Debates

The Hill:

Climate change never emerged as a topic in the three presidential debates, disappointing greens who say President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have avoided discussing the issue.

With Defense Secretary Leon Panetta commenting in May that “climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,” some environmental activists thought the topic could wriggle its way into Monday’s foreign policy debate.

But like the previous two debates, climate change was shut out of the conversation.

What’s worse for the alarmists is that alarmist-in-chief Al Gore beclowned himself after the Denver debate when he suggests the president’s poor performance was due to the altitude.

So while the president and his supporters struck out on climate change, we had three home runs: Al Gore looked foolish; even Obama couldn’t say with a straight face that fighting climate change can create jobs; and there was no mention of how climate change is really a national-security issue.

I’m sure climate change will return to its ever-so-important perch once Romney is president and Dems need a faux issue to harp on.


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