Planet Gore

Climate-Fear Profiteer

Al Gore’s hometown Tennessean has the temerity to point out that the former Veep — who left office with a net worth of about $2 million — is worth quite a bit more than that now, citing the $35 million he recently plunked down in a green hedge fund, and Fast Company’s estimate that he’s worth “well in excess of $100 million.” That’s a lotta green — considering he’s only been doing the planet’s business, earning little more than the thanks of generations yet unborn.
I was in the room at the Heartland conference panel when Weather Channel founder John Coleman — who is unpersuaded of the link between rising CO2 levels and global warming — repeated his idea that carbon-trade profiteers should be sued. I’ve never been a fan of using lawsuits to create, reform, or inform public policy, but this idea was one to savor — if only for a moment.

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