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CO2 Reductions? Developing-world Auto Sales Explode

While Obama’s EPA continues to reduce consumer choice and strangle automakers with a proposed 62 mpg mandate by 2025 in the name of fighting the mirage of global warming, vehicle growth in the developing world continues to explode – more than negating any CO2 reductions claimed by the EPA and its new rule.

China has already outstripped U.S. auto sales (about 11 million annually) on its way to an estimated 30 million by 2025. And this week brought news that the Philippines saw September sales volumes rise 28 percent “to new record highs” reports These aren’t expensive electric chariots, but affordable, gas combustion-engine cars.

While a small island nation, the Philippines is a typical example of a developing world that shares none of Washington Democrats’ guilt for growth and will defy any Kyoto-like treaties that limit CO2 emissions.

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