Planet Gore

To Coin a Phrase

OK, some folks at the Heartland Institute International Climate Change Conference liked a turn of phrase that I admit just hit me about the upcoming push for carbon cap-and-trade. The scheme is supposedly designed to mitigate man-made climate change — though it’s hardly clear, under any scenario or set of assumptions, that it will have the intended effect. But politicians like it because it puts a “do it for the children” veneer on what is basically an energy tax (according to CBO, et al.).

It’s just that by trying to hide the tax, they make it four to five times more expensive, that’s all.  Hey, works for them. Some folks are running for office insisting that the worst thing our lawmakers could do right now is raise people’s taxes . . . and that they’ll impose cap-and-trade on the same people.
So I believe the course is to demand “Taxation Without Misrepresentation.”  If you believe in catastrophic man-made global warming, and figure the only way to get Americans to use less energy is to tax them out of the market for it, then come right out and say it. Show you’re serious and propose the tax, or be done with it.


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