Planet Gore

The Conflicts Continue

Concerning the story Ed referenced below on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board event today, at which the president rolled out the “green jobs” that various social engineering/corporate welfare plans of his — including the cap-and-trade rationing tax scheme — will supposedly deliver, Politico reports that the president got an earful from Caterpillar president James Owens and UBS Group Americas CEO Robert Wolf, among others.
But the president could count on at least two staunch allies to refrain from criticism: Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr and GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. The latter has brought his once mighty and profitable company to its knees by redirecting its business strategy to almost pure rent-seeking from the global-warming and alternative-energy agenda. The former is a partner in Al Gore’s investment firm, whose membership are surely a major source of the $300 million Gore has been given to re-brand global warming into a “climate crisis,” and which (like GE) stands to benefit handsomely if the warmmongers succeed in parlaying this faux crisis into further mandates, subsidies, and taxes to pay for them.
As if the public haven’t been fleeced and future generations robbed sufficiently of late. These two conflicts are disgraceful and need to be a topic of public discussion.

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