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Conversion Over Coffee

So I’m traveling to UConn for a talk hosted by (some impressive students with) CFACT, when I stop in a Cinnabon I’d passed by longingly the week before, in a connecting airport I frequently use that shall remain nameless (the greens being all about harassment, which the guy I describe below should be spared).
Once inside, the manager and his team excitedly inform me that they recognize me from TV. Have a free coffee. Hey, alright (even if it was because, well, apparently I do the sports).
The manager wants to chat, and after a little conversation it comes out that its really more politics I speak to, when all is said and done, than sports. Hmm. Well, he likes CNN and MSNBC. And that Fox has the pretty ladies (hadn’t noticed), but he’s sure heard people saying that Fox does all the Republican bidding (turns out he’d recently moved from San Francisco).
After a little more conversation I swear to you that he looks at me, with no prompting or encouragement,

and says, “You know what I can’t stand. Those people who don’t believe in global warming.” Of all the . . . 
So I immediately pull out my laptop, with my Powerpoint presentation all queued up. It turned out this gent’s affliction was of the sort that conflates “any impact” — as in “you can’t say man has no impact on the environment!!” . . . er, I didn’t — with catastrophic man-made global warming which, they now see, is not much of a winning argument.
That is, they change the subject. It was his opening argument. I suppose you could say he is what the greens would describe in their forerunners’ day as “insufficiently politically developed.”
I’ve got slides for all such snivels that one typically encounters when giving a talk on campus — none required at UConn, despite a robust crowd — so he got a few basics and a few facts about An Inconvenient Truth.
In a compressed span of mere minutes — interrupted by his workers on various matters — I observed each phase from denial through to acceptance. This busy man soon shook his head, “It’s crazy.”
Maybe you can take the San Francisco out of the man who takes himself out of San Francisco.
This anecdote is illustrative of why the alarmists say that — while we can spare no expense and worry about no cost in pursuit of their agenda — there is just one thing they say we cannot afford: debate, airing the case against them.

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