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The Day After Yesterday

Paul Chesser asks an appropriate question over on the AmSpec blog.

My question is, what message did House Whip Eric Cantor and Minority Leader John Boehner deliver to the eight Republican strays? If it was anything less than a promise, if they voted “yes,” to:

1. Withhold all future NRCC funds

2. Recruit and massively fund a primary opponent

3. Remove them from any leadership roles they might have

– then GOP leadership’s message wasn’t strong enough. This was a vote that demanded principle and unanimity for a party that claims the mantle of lower taxes and limited government, and once again, it failed.

Then again, even as GOP voters were calling their representatives urging them not to support this abjectly foolish piece of legislation, Eric Cantor said (as Steve Milloy noted on Friday afternoon, in his“Sheesh of the Day”) “removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a noble endeavor.”

So presuming the GOP’s eight Yeas expected (inexplicably) that the Obama Energy Tax might actually reduce carbon emissions, here they are — the “noble eight”:

Mary Bono Mack (R., Calif.)

Mike Castle (R., Del.)

Mark Steven Kirk (R., Ill.)

Leonard Lance (R., N.J.)

Frank LoBiondo (R., N.J.)

John McHugh (R., N.Y.)

Dave Reichert (R.,Wash.)

Chris Smith (R., N.J.)


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