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Deal Reached in Cancun

An excerpt from the Telegraph write-up:

The new deal falls short of a global treaty. However it has progressed from Copenhagen by getting all countries, except Bolivia, to sign up to an official UN document.

The Cancun deal commits all countries to keeping temperature rise below 2C (3.6F) by reducing emissions. Rich countries have agreed to consider an extension of the Kyoto Protocol while poor countries will sign up to emission cuts for the first time. There are also a series of key decisions on setting up a green fund to help poor countries cope with climate change and halting deforestation.

Chris Huhne, the Climate Change and Energy Secretary, said the proposals did not give everybody everything they wanted but it was progress.

“We’ve made much more progress than anybody expected only weeks,” he said.

“We have real commitments to reductions of greenhouse gases both by developed and developing countries.”

Well, this seems doable, at least according to this new NASA model.

Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming

So a country can double its CO2 emissions and satisfy the Cancun accord? Historic!

UPDATE: Reader T.M. e-mails a correction:

The NASA study describes climate simulations with atmosphericCO2 *concentrations* of 700 ppm, or about twice their value in the late 1980s. In contrast, national CO2 *emissions* are the rate at which a country adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


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