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Dem Darn Denver Difficulties

Yep, Greg, the impact of liberals flying to Colorado in private jets has worried liberal Coloradans for a few years now. Check out this report commissioned by the very politically correct hamlet of Aspen. See especially pages 37-39. It ain’t pretty. But it is pretty funny, when you think about it. It isn’t easy to make Hummers appear the environmentally friendly option, but they manage. It should be entertaining to see the problems encountered in landing and parking all of these jets, as confounded the equally pompous Kyoto confab held in Bali last December.

And speaking of these mounting difficulties arising over the preening about how they’re greening in Denver, Americans for Prosperity has a little video up about Sen. Obama’s continuing hypocrisies: safe, comfortable vehicles for me, but not for thee. My guess is that his stadium acceptance speech will also smack a bit of the miserable Live Earth concerts.
Sen. Obama’s motorcade habits also make me wonder if early drafts of his Germany speech included some pain-feeling about $11.50 gas brought on by adopting, well, Obama’s preferred energy policies.


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