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Democrats: Lights Out for the Working Man

The vote to reject restoration of the common light bulb — the BULB Act — was a vote on party lines with only a few exceptions.

Think of that.

In an industrial state like my Michigan (no reps crossed the line), that means Clarke, Conyers, Dingell, Kildee, Levin, and Peters all voted not only to deny their constituents the light bulbs that light 85 percent of Michigan homes but also to sentence American light bulb factories to closure — with all those blue-collar jobs going to China, where cheap labor is needed to assemble the incandescent bulb’s more expensive replacements: compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

In addition, Conyers and Clarke represent the poorest district in the nation — Detroit — where their constituents will now be forced to buy the expensive $5 CFLs favored by green elites in the burbs instead of the more affordable 40-cent bulbs.

That’s a heckuva note for self-proclaimed representatives of the “working man.”


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