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The Dems’ Green-China Myth

The twin China lies of the 2010 Democratic campaign (and they are wall-to-wall here in Michigan) are that 1) Red China is stealing our jobs, and 2) Green China is an energy conservation model. China’s economy is a jobs engine at the same time it’s solving greenhouse emissions?

The Institute for Energy Research demolishes the Obama-Friedman-Clinton mantra that China is a granola-crunching paradise for tree-huggers:

The Obama Administration is either making up energy statistics or they are woefully ignorant, as the record of China is clear. In order to lift its people from poverty to plenty, China has embarked on the greatest expansion of energy use of all kinds in world history. They use 3.5 times more coal than the US, and long ago surpassed our economy in carbon dioxide emissions.

This year they passed the United States as the #1 consumer of energy in the world, a title we had held for over a century. Unlike the Obama Administration, the Chinese are developing their oil shale resources. They are welcoming investment in their offshore oil industry and are planning to build 2 dozen nuclear power plants while the US dithers over the permit for 1. While US politicians and the Obama Administration call for the removal of dams and their renewable energy, China in the last decade has added more hydroelectric capacity than the US has built since 1776.

China (has just) unveiled a new supercomputer that is 1.4 to 2.6 times as fast as the fastest computer in the US. What is the computer going to be used for? Solar panels? Windmills? Butterfly Power? Hardly. As the China Daily reports, their new computer “has begun trial use among target clients including….the National Offshore Oil Corporation data center.”

They’re going to use it to look for offshore oil. Something the Obama Administration won’t let us do.


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