Planet Gore

Detroit Gets Gored

The Goracle blew into Detroit on Thursday. But not to address the tragic human cost of federal welfare polices that have helped fuel 80 percent illegitimacy rates, 49 percent adult-illiteracy rates, an estimated 50 percent unemployment rate, some 250 murders in 2011, and created a middle-class-less shell of a city.

No, Al came to talk about global warming.

Ignoring the urban battlefield around him, Gore has more ideas how the Left might destroy the rest of Michigan.

Gore claimed that water levels in the Great Lakes — which were formed and filled by glaciers melting at the end of the last Ice Age with no help from carbon emissions — have been lowered by climate change (they haven’t: lake levels follow a 30-year cycle), and also blamed climate change for lake-choking algae (a recent report by the International Joint Commission found no scientific basis for the charge). On the basis of such fact-challenged assertions, Gore wants to cripple the state’s coal-generating capacity and shrink the size of cars.

Since this major industrial state depends on cheap energy, Gore’s energy solution would drive away jobs. So too would his small-car gospel, since Michigan’s still-recovering auto industry depends heavily on big cars for profits and ships much of its small-car production overseas where labor is cheap.

Gore’s appearance brought 500 people and major media to Wayne State University. But frankly, Michigan would be better off without Mr. Sunshine’s attention.