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Diplomacy in Action

The trash-talking has started. Participants from developing countries in Asia spent a couple of days at the Economic Forum on East Asia dressing up their (understandable) desire not to short-circuit their own economic development on the altar of rapid emissions abatement by trying to guilt the developed world into coughing up the money.

I have previously posted on why I don’t think this is morally justified. More practically, it would never be accepted in any developed country with a functioning democracy.

My favorite comment from the conference:

Chen Feng, the chairman of China Hainan Airlines, said now was not the time to assign blame but to create an international solution, saying developed nations were the original polluters.

“So the way I see it is, you were robbers and bandits before you became right-minded people,” he said

I’d hate to see what happens when it is time to assign blame.

Jim Manzi is CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company.


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