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Dissonance Watch

Seeing none other than über-alarmist John Holdren nominated to be a chief science advisor got me thinking about dissonance, and the chance that GM’s CEO might serve as the “Car Czar” to put that industry back on track, too. Then on the NRO homepage I see that David Freddoso has identified a certain incongruity in the stated plans by one of Obama’s alarmist picks for the “science team.”


Of course, the jet-setting Lubchencos will fit right in, given how President-Elect Obama concluded his introduction of Team Alarmism by jetting off with his family to nearby Hawaii (the round-trip carbon emission of four first-class commercial passengers comes in at over eight tons — and of course, the Obamas weren’t flying commercial, gack). Dashing from the cold to far more desirable warmer climes is the sort of getaway to which we all aspire, and which axiomatically must be priced out of the reach of all but a very, very few under the Lubchenco/Holdren/Obama agenda.


“Carbon” for me, but not for thee.


Remember: the Obamas have made clear their intention to make Hawaii the home of their own “Western White House,” even as the most radical nominees in the administration have energy and environmental policy as their bailywick. So while the Obamas jet off to Oahu, their hand-selected alarmists will push an agenda that increases the cost of energy for the rest of us — unless and until the pixie dust that will liberate us from hydrocarbon energy somehow emerges from the $150 billion in “green jobs” pork.


So, do these people believe a single word that comes out of their mouths or, as seems reasonable, are they too bright for that – commanding an even less desirable conclusion? From putative appointees planning their cross-country commute to a cap-and-trade scheme that will be so full of loopholes it will only increase energy costs (but, á là Europe, do nothing to reduce emissions), we are continuously reminded how this issue is more about posing, posturing, and power than it is about anything else.


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