Planet Gore

DNC: Greening is Believing

Led by the governor of the state with the nation’s highest unemployment rate, Democrats spent Tuesday night describing a socialist green paradise where government decrees energy markets and creates “5 million new jobs.”


“We just ask you to believe,” said Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Energy Federico Peña – echoing Peter Pan’s primer on flying, the line that best summed up the evening. (Though a close Number Two was Peña’s revelation that America is addicted to oil, begging his stunned question: “How did this happen?!” He then explained it was a result of the last eight years of Bush & Big Oil – as if the U.S. ran on hydrogen in the good ol’ days when he was the Energy Secretary.


At a breakfast talk, Michigan’s deeply unpopular governor Jennifer Granholm explained that she was chosen to moderate Tuesday night’s energy panel from the convention stage because of the Wolverine State’s efforts in renewable power. The idea that windmills will rescue one of America’s great manufacturing states is absurd on its face, but she persisted in spinning a fairy tale that Michigan is perfectly positioned to take advantage of alternative energy manufacturing because of the “Five Ws” (I’m not making this up) in abundance in the state: “Wind, water, waste, workforce and wood.”


Manufacturers must be howling at that one – at least the ones who haven’t already fled for cheaper, right-to-work states.


We just ask you to believe.


At the evening convention panel, Granholm thrilled at the prospect of Obama taking over America’s energy polices from (cue the evening’s designated villain) rich, greedy, profiteering (insert your favorite adjective here) oil companies. “He’s going to double gas mileage,” she said, convinced that a lawyer from the south side of Chicago knows how to perform such feats of engineering.


We just ask you to believe.


Granholm then turned to panelist Aimee Christenson of something called Christenson Global Strategies who turned up the silly knob another notch.


“We can make 150 mpg cars and they are here!” said Ms. Christensen, a point she kept emphasizing as if the auto companies – those idiots! – have been holding them back from us.

Ah, Planet Gore. Where 150 mpg cars grow on trees and the wind blows all day.

Henry Payne — Henry Payne is the auto critic for the Detroit News.

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