Planet Gore

Do as I Say, Not as I Drive

In his Inaugural speech Tuesday, President Obama stood before a throng shivering in 30-degree Washington weather–12 degrees below normal–and scolded that “we use energy to strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.” But, he went on, “we will work tirelessly to . . . roll back the specter of a warming planet.”

He then climbed into his brand new, gas-guzzling, Cadillac limo–the one based on the GMC Topkick truck platform and dubbed “The Beast” by the Secret Service–and led the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue flanked by a fleet of giant GM SUVs.

Working tirelessly.
Of course, the president’s limo suggests that saving his life is of greater concern than saving the planet. Just as millions of Americans find gas-powered SUVs suit their lifestyles. But in the age of “duty and sacrifice,” such choices will be mocked. Unless you’re the emperor.

A pity no child came forth to point a finger at the spectacle and shout: “But he has nothing on!”


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